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Your Path to a Greener Lawn with Fewer Weeds

Discover the ultimate solution for maintaining a lush and pest free lawn with Sungrown Turf’s Comprehensive Lawn Treatment Plan. Our 7 application annual plan combines expert weed control, fertilization, and lawn pest control to ensure your lawn remains in peak condition throughout the year. The best part? No extra charges for any weed control!


Why Choose Sungrown Turf’s Lawn Treatment Plan?

  • All-Inclusive Approach: Our comprehensive plan covers every aspect of lawn care, including weed control, fertilization, and pest management.
  • Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of a well-rounded annual plan that takes care of your lawn’s needs without the hassle of individual treatments.
  • Cost Effective: With no additional charges for weed control, you get exceptional value for a complete lawn care solution.
Sungrown Turf Lawn Care in Mooresville NC

What’s Included in the Lawn Treatment Plan?

Our 7-application annual turf care plan is designed to provide year round care for your lawn, ensuring it stays healthy, green, and free from pests. The plan includes:

Early Spring Treatment: Kickstart the growing season with a tailored mix of fertilizers to promote early grass health.

Late Spring Treatment: Address emerging weeds, boost nutrient levels, and prepare your lawn for the summer months.

Early Summer Treatment: Continue the fight against weeds, nourish your grass, and ensure optimal growth during the warmer season.

Late Summer Treatment: Combat summer stresses with targeted fertilization and pest control measures.

Early Fall Treatment: Prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter while addressing late-season weeds and pests.

Late Fall Treatment: Strengthen your grass for the winter months with a focus on root development and overall resilience.

Winterizer Treatment: Provide essential nutrients to fortify your lawn for the winter, promoting a faster recovery in the spring.

Benefits of the Lawn Treatment Plan

  • Year-Round Lawn Health: Maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn throughout all seasons.

  • Weed Free Guarantee: No extra charges for weed control, ensuring a pristine lawn without breaking the bank.

  • Pest Resilience: Protect your lawn from damaging pests with targeted control measures.

  • Convenient and Hassle Free: Enjoy the simplicity of an all-inclusive plan designed for your lawn’s specific needs.

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