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Frequently asked questions about lawn care services in Mooresville NC

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How do I request a free estimate?

Requesting a free estimate is easy. Simply fill out one of the contact forms, providing details about the services you’re interested in. We will get back fast! Also, you can give us a call, and our happy team will assist you in getting a customized estimate.

What areas do you serve?

Sungrown Turf proudly serves the Lake Norman area in North Carolina in mooresville, Statesville, Troutman, Davidson, Cornelius, and Sherrills Ford,

Are your products safe for pets and children?

Yes, our lawn products are designed to be safe for both pets and children when used as directed. We prioritize the well being of your family and pets, and our treatments are chosen with their safety in mind.

How do I pay for your services?

We offer convenient payment options. We accept various payment methods, including credit cards and checks.

What sets Sungrown Turf apart from other lawn care providers?

What sets Sungrown Turf Lawn Care apart is our steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction, safety, and environmental responsibility. We provide customized solutions, employ licensed professionals, and utilize top quality products backed by leading turf research universities. With over 12 years of research and development, including our roots in Mooresville North Carolina, we stand out in delivering superior lawn care services.

Is it safe for my kids and pets to get on the lawn right after a treatment?

Yes, it’s safe for your children and pets to use the lawn after a lawn or pest treatment, provided they wait until the application dries. This usually takes about an hour, but we’ll include detailed instructions with each treatment.

Can Sungrown Turf help with bare spots and thinning grass?

Absolutely! Sungrown Turf specializes in addressing thinning lawns and bare spots. Our expert services, including aeration, overseeding, and fertilization treatments, are designed to revitalize your lawn and foster healthy, dense growth. Restoring your lush green grass is our mission!

How often should I water my lawn after a Sungrown Turf treatment?

It’s essential to water your lawn adequately after a Sungrown Turf application. Typically, we recommend deep, infrequent watering. We’ll provide specific instructions after each treatment to ensure optimal results and peace of mind.

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