Preemergent Weed Prevention

Preemergent Weed Prevention

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Preemergent applications are an effective way to prevent weeds from growing throughout the year. For warm season grasses, (Bermuda, zoysia, st Augustine) preemergents are typically used in the Spring and Fall. We apply two Spring applications of Preemergent to prevent germination of Summer weeds. Later in the year during Fall, we also apply two applications to prevent Winter weed germination. This gives the lawns a very clean look without needing to see ugly weeds after they have grown into the lawn.

For cool season lawns (fescue) Preemergent applications are applied in the Spring. This prevents mostly crabgrass from germinating, and also several other summer weeds. No Preemergent is applied in the Fall, as this would prevent the overseeding process that Fescue requires annually.

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