Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration

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Mechanical or Core Aeration

Aeration can be one of the most important things done for a lawn all year. Aeration loosens the soil to allow for more Oxygen. With North Carolina’s Piedmont area consisting mostly of clay soil, aeration is very important.

Liquid Aeration

Creates fractures or micro fissures within the soil and allows for greater rooting. With liquid aeration the soil structure is divided at a much smaller scale, allowing for more water; roots will follow these openings. Another great benefit of liquid aeration, it can be done anytime during the year, not just during Spring, for warm season grasses, and also not limited to just Autumn, for cool season lawns. Liquid aeration covers the ENTIRE lawn, as opposed to mechanical aeration where you see the holes, and also many missed spots! Homeowners no longer need to mark the irrigation heads or sprinklers prior to aeration, and this is by far our biggest appreciative factor by our clients.

Overseeding Services

For cool season lawns this is very important. Fescue does not “spread” like it’s warm season counterpart: Bermuda grass. So seeding in the Fall is what replaces the ugly bare spots in your lawn. We overseed at specific pound rates for established lawns, and also to establish new lawns.

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Preemergent Services

All lawns in the Lake Norman area deal with weeds year round, preemergents provide a soil barrier to help protect against weed growth. For cool season lawns we apply preemergents late Winter and early Spring. For warm season lawns we apply preemergents in the Fall, and also in the late Winter/Spring time frame. We also apply preemergents for flower beds and mulch areas.

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